portrait of Samson Occom

The Occom Circle

Papers of Samson Occom (Mohegan, 1727-1792), author, minister, missionary, intertribal leader, and public intellectual.

Manuscript, Dartmouth History
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps thumbnail

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps: New Hampshire Towns, 1880s-1940s

Maps of towns and cities, produced by the Sanborn Map Company for insurance purposes.

Map, New Hampshire
image from the poster for the Change the Subject documentary

Change the Subject

A 54-minute documentary about Dartmouth students who challenged anti-immigrant language in Library of Congress subject headings.

Film, American History, Dartmouth History
page in Italian from Ovid's De Arte Amandi (Ars Amatoria)

Page from 15th-century edition of Ovid's De Arte Amandi (Ars Amatoria)

De Arte Amandi

By Ovid (43 BCE-17/18 CE). Color facsimile of a pre-1480 printed Italian book (an incunabulum).

Book, Medieval Studies, Classics
image of a girl riding a train in Shanghai in 1970

Shi Jianying on a train leaving Shanghai in 1970.

Down to the Countryside Movement

Unique collection of memoirs, photographs, correspondence, and other primary sources from China’s former Rusticated Youth.

Manuscript, Photography, Film, World History, Asian Studies
scan of the title page of the Encyclopedia Arctica

Encyclopedia Arctica

Facsimile and searchable text of an unpublished Arctic encyclopedia, sponsored by the U.S. Office of Naval Research.

Manuscript, Polar Studies
image of the charter of Dartmouth College from 1769

Dartmouth College Charter

Charter for Dartmouth College, signed by Theodore Atkinson and John Wentworth on December 13, 1769. Includes transcription.

Manuscript, Dartmouth History
painting of the survivors of the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition, 1884

David Brainard Diary

By David Brainard (1856-1946). An account of the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition through the long and desperate winter of 1883–1884.

Manuscript, Polar Studies
page from 1462 manuscript edition of six plays of the Roman playwright Terence

Comoediae sex cum argumentis

By Terence (ca. 190-159 BCE). Six plays, from a manuscript produced in 1462.

Manuscript, Classics, Medieval Studies
photograph of Jon Appleton in Rauner Library

Jon Appleton: Selected Compositions, 1959-2006

Over 140 music compositions by Dartmouth music professor Jon Appleton, freely available to listen to for non-commercial uses.

Music, Dartmouth History
cover of the book The Limits to Growth by Donella Meadows et al

The Limits to Growth

By Donella Meadows et al, 1972. Subtitled "A Report for the Club of Rome's Project on the Predicament of Mankind."

Book, Environmental Studies
map of Hanover, NH

The Granite State in Maps, 1756-2003

Maps illustrating changes in New Hampshire's borders and how the state saw itself.

Map, New Hampshire
map of the city of Claremont, NH

New Hampshire's Towns & Cities in Maps, 1776-2006

Maps of New Hampshire cities and towns from 1776 to 2006, complementing the “Granite State in Maps” collection.

Map, New Hampshire
Dartmouth Library with old card catalogs

Dartmouth Library with old card catalogs

The Woodward Succession

By Lois A. Krieger. Subtitled "A Brief History of the Dartmouth College Library, 1769-2002."

Book, Dartmouth History
figure from a 2010 PhD dissertation in Engineering by Imran Rizvi

Dartmouth Dissertations

Doctoral dissertations written at Dartmouth College between 1960 and 2017. All are freely provided online with permission of the authors.

Book, Dartmouth History
image from the 19th-century Japanese comic novel Dōchū hizakurige

Dōchū hizakurige

Selections from the 19th-century comic novel "A shanks' mare tour of the Tōkaidō" by Ikku Jippensha (1765-1831).

Book, Asian Studies, Art
page from the Jewelry Design Books of Jaques and Marcus, 1890 to 1910

Jewelry Design Books of Jaques and Marcus, 1890 to 1910

Eight volumes of custom jewelry design books from the firm of Jaques and Marcus, later Marcus and Co., circa 1890-1910.

Manuscript, Art
page from the 15th-century Brut Chronicle

The Brut Chronicle

The earliest prose chronicle in English, begun after 1272, with continuations through the early 15th century.

Manuscript, Medieval Studies
drawing of an animal, captioned "wonderful animal head, both ends"

The Joseph Rainone Early Comic Collection

American and British comic almanacs and other publications from the nineteenth century. 

Book, Art
image of a page from a 16th century Spanish antiphonal


16th-century Spanish antiphonal, containing the chants for the Divine Office of the Roman Catholic Church.

Manuscript, Music, Medieval Studies
image of a page from a medieval book of hours

Western Manuscripts

Descriptions and selected images from the Dartmouth Library's collection of early manuscripts.

Manuscript, Medieval Studies
etching of a drawing of a woman and a lion

Original Etchings by American Artists

Published in 1883, this volume collects original prints by some of the most prominent American artists of the nineteenth century.

Book, Art
Ferdinand Flipper and the sea monsters

The Fortunes of Ferdinand Flipper

Published circa 1850. The first comic book written in the United States.

Book, Art
cartoon of a man playing a flute next to a woman

The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck

By Rodolphe Töpffer. The first comic book printed in the United States, published circa 1840.

Book, Art
image of tools and the feet of a worker

Russian Placards, 1917-1922

Posters designed by V. Lebedev for the windows of ROSTA, the state news agency of Soviet Russia.

Book, Art
page from the John McCoy Family Papers collection

The John McCoy Family Papers

Letters and papers from 1847-1899 related to John McCoy's time as a Union soldier in the American Civil War.

Manuscript, American History
image of a document from the Correspondence of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry

Correspondence of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry

By Oliver Hazard Perry (1785-1819). Professional and personal correspondence from approximately 1807 to 1819.

Manuscript, World History
image of Richard Stoiber and team

The Richard Stoiber Collection of Color Slides

Color slides, many of Central American volcanoes, by Richard E. Stoiber '32 (1911-2001), Professor of Geology.

Photography, Earth Science
image of an Arctic landscape

The Vilhjalmur Stefansson Collection of Arctic Photographs

Over 1,200 images primarily from the Canadian Arctic Expedition (1913-1918), and 700 lantern slides.

Photography, Polar Studies
image of a manuscript letter from The Papers of Charles Daniel Tenney

The Papers of Charles Daniel Tenney

The papers of Charles Daniel Tenney (1857-1930) include essays, speeches and translations concerning his time in China.

Manuscript, Asian Studies, Dartmouth History
image from a manuscript collection of Sino-Viet Ritual Texts

Sino-Viet Ritual Texts

Three unique manuscripts of rituals in classical Chinese and Vietnamese Nom, from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Manuscript, Asian Studies
image of a manuscription from the Stone Family Papers collection

Stone Family Papers, 1571-1933

Documents chronicling the legal transactions of Richard Stone (ca. 1570-1653) of England and his descendants.

Manuscript, World History
image from the Japanese Press Translation collection

Press Translations, Japan, 1945-1946

English summaries or full translations of newspaper articles and editorials from the U.S. Occupation of post-World War II Japan.

Manuscript, World History
map of the American Colonies from 1776

The American Military Pocket Atlas (1776)

A 1776 collection of maps of the British colonies.

Map, American History
illustrated map of Hanover, New Hampshire

Hanover, New Hampshire Maps

Maps of Hanover, New Hampshire, and Dartmouth College, circa 1700 to 1923.

Map, Dartmouth History
images of a bonfire and a winter scene from the Dartmouth Photo Records

Dartmouth Photographic Records, 1938-present

Photos by College Photographers Adrian N. Bouchard; Stuart Bratesman; Joseph Mehling; and Eli Burakian.

Photography, Dartmouth History
still image from a documentary film about Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College Films

Archival materials from the 1920s to the present day, chronicling the Dartmouth experience over the decades.

Film, Dartmouth History
detail from a Dartmouth Winter Carnival poster

Dartmouth Winter Carnival Posters

Digital images of each known Winter Carnival poster from 1911 to the present.

Photography, Dartmouth History, Art
pages from Chapman's Sketches of the Alumni of Dartmouth College

Sketches of the Alumni of Dartmouth College

By George T. Chapman. Includes entries for most graduates from the classes of 1771 through 1867.

Book, Dartmouth History
scan of subject classification system used at the Dartmouth Library in the early 20th century

Old Dartmouth Classification Schedules

Classification system for books, created and used by the Dartmouth College Library in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Manuscript, Dartmouth History
letter inviting J Robert Oppenheimer to lecture at Dartmouth College

Freedom and Necessity in the Sciences

By J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967). Lecture delivered at Dartmouth in 1959.

Audio, Dartmouth History
Who's who & What's what in the books of Dr. Seuss

Who's Who & What's What in the Books of Dr. Seuss

By Edward Connery Lathem. Written to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Theodor Geisel's graduation from Dartmouth.

Book, Dr. Seuss
image of a 2004 postage stamp commemorating Dr Seuss

The Beginnings of Dr. Seuss

By Theodor Geisel (1904-1991). Reflections on his early career, from audio recordings made in 1975.

Book, Dr. Seuss
image of the interior of Baker-Berry Library

The Vox Images

Photographs created for the print publication Vox of Dartmouth, 2006-2007.

Photography, Dartmouth History
Students protesting Apartheid, 1989

Dartmouth students protesting Apartheid, 1989.

Dartmouth Photographic Files

Photos of life at Dartmouth from various sources, including scenes of campus grounds, facilities, people, and events.

Photography, Dartmouth History
image of the cover of the Dartmouth College and Associated Schools General Catalogue, 1769-1940

Dartmouth College and Associated Schools General Catalogue, 1769-1940

A directory of Dartmouth’s officers, faculty, and alumni, 1769-1939. Includes indexes to names and geographical location of alumni.

Book, Dartmouth History
image of a page from Regiomontanus’s Defensio Theonis

Regiomontanus Defensio Theonis

Written in the 1470s, this astronomical text is a survey of the astronomical and natural philosophical worlds of Ptolemy's Almagest.

Manuscript, Medieval Studies, Astronomy
image of the Baker Library Tower

Digital Publishing: Journals

The Library's Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Publishing program publishes several open access scholarly journals.

image of the Baker Library Tower

Digital Publishing: Books

The Library's Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Publishing program publishes open access ebooks.

image of the US capitol under construction from the Library of Congress

U.S. Congressional Serial Set

Readex resource digitized from Dartmouth's print collection of over 13,800 congressional volumes, 1789-1980 (not open access).

Book, American History
image of the Baker Library Tower

Dartmouth College Oral History Program

Documents events and issues that have shaped Dartmouth and altered or challenged the direction and identity of the institution.

Audio, Dartmouth History
image of the Baker Library Tower

Digital Exhibits

Digital exhibits of materials from the Dartmouth Library collections.

Photography, Manuscript, Dartmouth History
Ada Blackjack (1898-1983), lone survivor of the 1921 Wrangel Island expedition

Ada Blackjack with the expedition's cat, Vic, aboard the rescue ship, 1923

Ada Blackjack Diary

The diary of Ada Blackjack, sole survivor of the Wrangel Island expedition, March-August 1923

Manuscript, Polar Studies