Maps of towns and cities, produced by the Sanborn Map Company for insurance purposes.

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About The Collection

Fire insurance maps in the Library of Congress : plans of North American cities and towns produced by the Sanborn Map Company : a checklist, a book in our collection, is now available online from the Library of Congress. This checklist provides the names of towns in each state and the years of any Sanborn maps produced. In some cases, the online checklist provides links to online collections of Sanborn maps.

If you are interested in the history of the Sanborn maps, we have such a book in our collection:

Our library collection also includes other books about the Sanborn maps:

Sanborn Maps In Historical Research

These fire insurance maps also hold a wealth of information and can be used as primary sources in historical research. The following citations are works where scholars used these maps in their research.

Additional Information

The Sanborn Map Company still produces maps for limited areas in the country. For more information, click here.

More information about Dartmouth College Library's collection of Sanborn maps, including how to order print copies, can be found here.

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