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Dean of Libraries

Sue Mehrer


Library Departments

Access & Delivery Services
David Sturges (department lead) | 603-646-9294
Org Chart (PDF)

Acquisitions Services
Rose Reynolds (department lead) | 603-646-3342
Org Chart (PDF)

Biomedical Libraries
Stephanie Kerns (department lead) | 603-646-0523
Org. Chart (PDF)

Book Arts Workshop
Sarah Smith (department lead) | 603-646-8817
Org Chart (PDF)

Cataloging and Metadata
John DeSantis (department lead) | 603-646-0413
Org. Chart (PDF)

Digital by Dartmouth Library
Laura BraunsteinJennifer Mullins  (department leads) | 603-646-2582
Org. Chart (PDF)

Digital Library Technologies Group
Joe Montibello & Este Pope (department leads) | 603-646-2582
Org. Chart (PDF)

Jones Media Center
Daniel Chamberlain (department lead) | 603-646-2582
Org. Chart  (PDF)

Preservation Services
Barbara Sagraves (department lead) | 603-646-2458
Org. Chart (PDF)

Rauner Library Special Collections and Archives
Jay Satterfield (department lead) | 603-646-2037
Org. Chart (PDF)

Research Data Services
Lora Leligdon (department lead) | 603-646-3845
Org. Chart (PDF)

Research & Learning, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Jenn Natale (department lead) | 603-646-3965
Org. Chart (PDF)

Research & Learning for STEM, Business and Economics
Jane Quigley (department lead) | 603-646-3065
Org. Chart (PDF)

Scholarly Communication Program
Shawn Martin (department lead) | 603-646-2132
Org. Chart (PDF)

Teaching & Learning
Laura Barrett (department lead) | 603-646-3998
Org. Chart (PDF)