Persons, places, organizations, and events mentioned in the Occom Circle

About the Annotations

We have attempted to annotate as many of the items mentioned in the documents that are digitally tagged and searchable, though some are simply unidentifiable. These fall into four categories: persons, places, organizations, and events. Each annotation includes a description of the item and the sources we have drawn it from. Annotations have been researched and written by the research team, comprised of graduate and undergraduate students (named in the Staff list), and supervised by the Project Director and Project Manager. The annotations appear as pop-up boxes when users click on a name, place or organization that is highlighted in a document.

One of the challenges of tagging and annotating 18th century documents is unstable orthography. Not only do different writers spell proper names differently but the same writer will spell proper names differently within documents and from one document to the next. In addition, proper names and places names appear in a variety of forms and often refer to the same thing. For example, place names can appear in an Indian language and an Anglo-American version, and refer to a place that is often known by a modern variant or version. We have chosen a standard spelling of persons, places, and organizations that will allow user to search for and find all variations.

Identification of Persons mentioned in the documents.

Identification of Places mentioned in the documents.

Identification of Organizations mentioned in the documents.

Identification of Events related to Occom's life mentioned in the documents.

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