We work collaboratively across the Library, Dartmouth, and other communities to develop unique digital collections.

Who Is Digital by Dartmouth Library?

Digital by Dartmouth Library (DxDL) is an inclusive community of experts, enthusiasts, and engagers in all things digital. The individuals who collaborate to create DxDL actively interrogate what the digital means and what possibilities it enables. 

We build expertise and infrastructure to enable thoughtful and imaginative experimentation. We gather a diverse group of practitioners to work collaboratively and learn from each other’s expertise. We promote the scholarship that grounds our professional practices. We engage in debate and critical analysis of leading issues in digital scholarship. 

The program is co-led by Jenny Mullins, Head of Digital Project Management, and Laura Braunstein, Head of Digital Scholarly Engagement. (See our full staff directory.)

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The Digital by Dartmouth Library core team

From left to right: Jenny Mullins, Toben Traver, Laura Braunstein, Samara Cary, August Guszkowski, and Ryland Ianelli.

What Is Digital by Dartmouth Library?

DxDL works collaboratively across the Library, Dartmouth, and other communities to develop unique digital collections. We value these collections not only because they are unique to the Dartmouth Library, but because they are uniquely digital. 

DxDL enables researchers to use unique digital collections in a variety of platforms, tools, and contexts. Our practices ensure that these collections will persevere in the face of technological change. We develop collections that prioritize engagement with teaching, learning, and research at Dartmouth and beyond.

We are committed to conducting our work in a way that is: 

  • Accountable and transparent. We make our processes and decisions visible.
  • Adaptable and Responsive. We create an environment that fosters curiosity, experimentation, and creativity.
  • Ambitious. We take risks and strive to exceed expectations. 
  • Collaborative. We recognize and respect expertise across organizations and communities, and value cross-functional partnerships. 
  • Diverse and inclusive. We develop culturally aware practices of curation, preservation, and dissemination.
  • Sustainable and responsible. We build sustainable digital, physical, and interpersonal infrastructure for ourselves and our users. 
  • Thoughtfully Open. We enable reuse of digital materials in a variety of disciplinary and creative contexts, while respecting the needs and values of the communities who share stewardship of our collections.
  • User-centered. We focus on the needs of our users in every phase of our work.

We recognize that these values will sometimes be in tension, and we will work carefully and collaboratively to move forward with tension as a generative process. 

Who Are Our Partners?

We collaborate across the Dartmouth Library, across the Dartmouth campus, and beyond, with partners who include: