Research Support

The Library partners with faculty, students, and staff in research activities locally, nationally and internationally. Our library experts are embedded at critical points in the research lifecycle providing collections, information resources, innovative tools and services to support scholarly inquiry. 

Individual Consultations

We also are available to help you understand your data management needs and recommend best practices for keeping your data usable, now and into the future.

  • Assistance with data management plans
    Many funders have requirements for data management plans and public access of data. We can help you to assess the data needs of your project.
  • Data cleaning
    We provide support in selecting and using tools to clean up and restructure your data in preparation for analysis, including OpenRefine, R, Stata, SAS and SPSS.
  • Data visualization
    Data visualization is an important way to better understand your data and to effectively communicate it to others. We offer support for a variety of tools to create visualizations, including R and Tableau.
  • Data storing and sharing
    Dartmouth offers a comprehensive set of storage solutions for your research data. ITS - Research Computing can advise on the best solution for your unique needs.  We can help you find data centers or repositories to share your data, assist with minting DOIs, data citations and licenses for your datasets.
  • Finding data
    Subject librarians can assist you in your search to find and access essential data for your research. Research data can be found in a variety of places, including in publication supplemental materials, or in a subject, general or institutional repository.

Contact us

For help with your data management needs, contact us at The Library’s research data management services are an evolving set of services, and we welcome your feedback and input.