Scholarly Longterm Studies

Baker-Berry Library has 49 studies to support individuals with their scholarly activities. They are assigned based on the status of the applicant, the nature of the intended use and willingness to share.

Sample purposes for which a study is assigned include:

  • Writing a book, research paper, or thesis
  • Preparation for a course
  • Preparation of College planning reports and official documents
  • Projects using library materials extensively


  • Faculty application (PDF)
  • Student application (PDF)
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. It is recommended to submit an application at least one month before the desired term begins. There is often a wait list for rooms. Applicants are not guaranteed space.
  • Applications should be submitted via email to: or in person at the Baker-Berry Library circulation desk.


The library offers a combination of single occupancy and shared rooms. The distribution outlined below is subject to change.

  • 4th Floor – 12 studies
    Undergraduate and graduate thesis writers.  Eleven shared spaces (two people)
  • 5th Floor – 12 studies
    Visiting scholars and faculty.  Four shared spaces (two people)
  • 6th Floor – 12 studies
    Faculty (all singles)
  • 7th Floor – 13 studies
    Faculty and emeritus faculty actively engaged in research.  Four shared spaces (two people)


  • Room assignments are typically available on the first day of the term assigned.
  • Students are assigned a room for one term only. Faculty assignments are for one term or one year. After a room assignment ends, a renewal application is required.
  • Visiting scholars must have official appointment letters and be eligible for Dartmouth library privileges.
  • Thesis studies are shared by two occupants to better serve the graduate and undergraduate population.
  • Those who have not had a study before will be given preference over those that have.
  • Room assignments are for the approved occupants only and may not be shared with a non-approved occupant.