Find our policies for fair use, copyright, takedown, collection development, and digital preservation.

DxDL Takedown Policy and Procedures

The Dartmouth Library makes every effort to ensure that it has appropriate rights to provide access to content. For both copyright infringement and privacy concerns, the Library may work with Dartmouth College's Office of the General Counsel to make determinations about appropriate use. Depending on these determinations, the Library may remove the material(s) from its systems, restrict access to the material(s) in question, or continue to provide access to the material(s). Removing the work(s) in question may result in the Library ceasing to provide long-term preservation resources to the digitized content. If you have questions about publishing or reproducing materials from Digital by Dartmouth Library collections, contact the Library's Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Publishing Program.

Collection Development Policy

We will work with collaborators to design projects that align with the scope, values, and selection criteria and priorities outlined in DxDL's Collection Development Policy. Current areas of focus include Arctic and Antarctic materials, indigenous materials (in partnership with the Hood Museum of Art), and materials related to the history of Dartmouth College. We are also interested in projects that build on existing collections. Explore our collections to learn more.

Digital Preservation Policy

Digital preservation ensures that faculty, staff, students, and other users will have ongoing access to the Dartmouth Library’s digital collections. Our  policy provides a broad set of digital preservation guidelines that shape our workflows so that they will meet accepted standards, make effective use of resources, and support the mission and goals of the Library. Read our full Digital Preservation Policy.