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A year-long, full-time, post-baccalaureate paid fellowship to learn about, engage in, and contribute to the work of the Library's digital programs.

About the Fellowship

The Edward Connery Lathem '51 Digital Library Fellow joins the Digital by Dartmouth Library team for a full year, to learn about, engage in, and contribute to the work of the Library's digital programs. The position, open to recent Dartmouth graduates, is flexible to fit the skills and interests of each individual fellow, and could include a larger independent project designed by the fellow.


Dartmouth Library fellowships are open to recent Dartmouth graduates. Candidates must have completed their Dartmouth degree (graduate or undergraduate) before July 1 of their fellowship year.

Compensation, Benefits, and Tenure

Fellowships are one-year, full-time paid positions with Dartmouth benefits. The term of employment is July 1 to June 30. The positions will each be paid $20/hour for 37.5 hours/week.


Daniel Lin '23 is the 2023-24 Digital Library Fellow. The application process for the 2024-25 Digital Library Fellowship will begin in Spring 2024.

2020 Dartmouth Library Fellows run the open access escape room

Dartmouth Library Fellows at the Fall 2019 Open Access Escape Room

Current Fellow

Digital Library Fellows
photo of Daniel Lin

Daniel Lin '23, 2023-24 Digital Library Fellow

Education: B.A. in Sociology and Music

Daniel Lin ‘23 (he/him), from San Jose, CA, double majored in Sociology and Music (with focuses in Asian American Studies and Black Creative Music). His research on the history of Asian American activism at Dartmouth led to a Sociology course and digital exhibit in Winter 2023. While an undergraduate student, Daniel was heavily involved in the arts, playing and singing in the Dartmouth Cords (a cappella), the Coast Jazz Orchestra (piano/cello), and the Gospel Choir. He has also acted and music directed for the Department of Theater, the New London Barn Playhouse, and Northern Stage. Outside the arts, Daniel was an Undergraduate Advisor (UGA), part of the Dartmouth Asian American Studies Collective (DAASC), and a leader in People of Color in the Outdoors (POCO), a sub-club of the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC). Daniel is very passionate about creating community through art and noticing the beautiful, little things around us :).

Past Fellows and Interns
August Guszkowski photo.

August Guszkowski '22, 2022-2023 Fellow

Education: B.A. in Classical Languages and Literatures

August Guszkowski '22 is a Classical Languages and Literatures major and Senior Fellow from Pomfret, Connecticut. During their undergraduate career at Dartmouth, they worked as a research assistant for the Classics department and served tea in Sanborn Library. They are interested in translation theory, theater, and linguistic history. In their free time, August enjoys kayaking, baking bread, and designing puzzles for their Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

Jessica Peña

Jessica Peña '21, 2021-2022 Fellow

Education: B. A. in Anthropology and Human-Centered Design

Jessica Peña '21 is an Anthropology major and Human-Centered Design minor from Houston, TX. She has worked as a research assistant for Prof. Deborah Nichols and as a research intern for the Texas Archaeological Society. On campus, she was an undergraduate advisor. She has her own antique jewelry business and is a fashion history writer for UK Eternal Goddess. She is passionate about making academic materials more accessible in digital environments.

Betty Kim photo

Betty Kim ‘20, 2020-2021 Fellow

Education: B.A. in English and Music

Interests and Past Experience: online archival research; library communications and outreach; editing and publishing; creative writing; sequential art, illustration, and graphic design; community-focused skill-sharing, teaching, and learning; contributor and editor for I2 literary magazine and In Your Face! Zine; student worker and manager at Paddock Music Library; violinist in the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra

Key Fellowship Initiatives: Collaborating with Scholarly Publishing Librarian Stephen Kreuger, Betty helped create a public list of active and past student publications. She also contributed her graphic design and comics skills to promote library communications and outreach efforts, working closely with Communications Manager Tom Remp to make engaging posts for the Dartmouth Library Instagram. Betty served on several committees as a Library Fellow, including the 2020 Project team, the First Year Library Orientation Committee, and the Dean’s Council for Equity and Inclusion. She also wrote for the Brut Chronicle’s Remix blog, explicating her experience creating digital and analog collages using the Brut’s pages. Betty contributed to the digitization and transcription of several digital collections, including the Wheelock Enslavement Documents, the Rainone Comics Collection, and the Wrangel Island  collection.

Post-Fellowship Life: Betty is pursuing an MFA in Cartoon Studies at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont. She is excited to continue working part-time with DxDL as the Digital Projects Specialist.

Victoria L. Corwin

Victoria Corwin '19, 2019-2020 Fellow

Education: B.A. in English and Classical Archaeology

Interests and Past Experience: museum exhibits and ethics; archival work; nineteenth-century American manuscript and material studies; digital archaeological tools; Open Access scholarship; social justice; creative writing; Editor-in-Chief of the Stonefence Review; English Honors thesis and research guide work on Emily Dickinson; member of the Dartmouth College Marching Band.

Key Fellowship Initiatives: Victoria co-designed an escape room with the Library’s other Fellows for Open Access Week under the Open Dartmouth Working Group. She is part of the Brut Chronicle’s Remix team, currently exploring the impact of archaeology on the development of the Arthurian legends in the medieval period. Victoria also works closely with student literary magazines, supporting digital migrations and publishing activity within Dartmouth’s open repository for student creative work. For her year-long fellowship project, Victoria is developing an Open Educational Textbook for student journals, detailing best practices and campus resources that ensure institutional support and memory of Dartmouth’s many literary magazines. Following her past advocacy work, she also dedicates time to the Library’s many interest groups centering diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Post-Fellowship Life: Victoria is pursuing a Ph.D. in English at Cornell University, where she studies Classical influences on nineteenth century women's literature, and the archaeology of Bronze Age Greece.

Madeline Miller library fellow photo

Madeline Miller '18, 2018-2019 Fellow

Education: B.A. in Cognitive Science 

Interests and Past Experience: Hopkins Center Intern; instructor at the Dartmouth Jewelry Studio; Dartmouth Trail Crew leader; played flute in the Dartmouth College Marching Band and Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble; Nordic Skiing PE instructor. Interests include coding, data, collaborative work, gamifying learning experiences, and project management. 

Key Fellowship Initiatives: Madeline worked with data for Dartmouth’s open repository for faculty scholarship utilizing excel, OpenRefine, and R. She led the 2019 revision of Dartmouth's Simple Book Repair Manual, including leading team scheduling and project planning as well developing html mark-up for the text. As a member of the Open Dartmouth Working Group, she created marketing materials and helped organize events for Open Access Week, including working in the Dartmouth Book Arts Workshop to create posters and planning a screening for a documentary about open access publishing. She created and led a project in collaboration with the Rauner special collections library on a case study concerning the donation process and digital development of the history of a student organization, which was presented at two New England library conferences, ACRL NE and NELIG. She also worked with Dartmouth professor Dennis Washburn to develop a preliminary TEI markup system for his translation of The Tale of Genji. She created and proposed a library escape room project, which she developed into a collaborative project the following year alongside the 2019/2020 Digital Library Fellow, the Rauner Special Collections Fellow, and the Thayer Design Fellow. 

Post-Fellowship Life: At the end of her fellowship, Madeline pursued an additional year-long position within the library where she continued developing collaborative projects and furthering library initiatives. At the end of that year, she accepted an Entry Level Product Manager position at a business in Seattle.

Monica Erives photo

Monica Erives '14, 2017-2018 Fellow

Education: B.A. in Environmental Studies

Interests and Past Experience: student positions in the library's Preservation Office and Special Collections Library; assisted in class lab visits, led educational workshops, and managed fieldwork as Dartmouth Organic Farm manager. 

Key Fellowship Initiatives: Monica produced and processed digital objects, contributed metadata to the Photo Files Collection, and wrote for the DxDL blog. She was also a member of the Open Dartmouth Work Group and assisted with Open Access initiatives and events. Through continual accessibility testing of DxDL’s item and collection-level pages, Monica raised awareness around the importance of web accessibility for digital libraries and made Dartmouth's digital collections more accessible.

Post-Fellowship Life: Monica pursued her M.L.I.S through Simmons College while working as a Fellow, and was excited to have the opportunity to learn about digital library production, assessment, and preservation.

Kevin Warstadt Mals photo

Kevin Warstadt MALS ‘17, 2016-2017 Fellow

Education: B.A. in Science, Technology, and Culture from Georgia Tech (2013), Masters in writing and culture from Dartmouth MALS Program

Interests and Past Experience: film, literature, culture; directed the award nominated short film With a Whimper; managed and contributed to

Key Fellowship Initiatives: Kevin produced digital objects through photo capture and scanning, curated faculty publications through Symplectic Elements, edited and marked up text for the e-Media Journal, and wrote blog posts on digital collections. He also represented the Digital Program on the Library Marketing and Communications Committee.

Mitchell Jacobs photo

Mitchell Jacobs '14 (Intern), 2014-2015 Fellow

Education: B.A. in Linguistics and English, with a concentration on poetry

Interests and Past Experience: Frost Place Museum intern; writer for the Jack-O-Lantern; editor of the Stonefence Review; played French horn in the Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble and Marching Band.

Key Fellowship Initiatives: Mitchell digitized historic Dartmouth photos and dissertations, wrote for Rauner's Special Collections Blog, and tidied HTML files for Linguistic Discovery journal. His main focus was increasing the discoverability of our digital collections around the web. He performed an audit of all the catalogues and databases the collections did or did not appear in and reached out to several for inclusion. He enhanced Wikipedia pages with links to collections and journal articles, and learned methods of Search Engine Optimization to ensure Google users find us on the first page.

Taylor Hornig photo

Taylor Hornig '13 (Intern), 2013-2014 Fellow

Education: B.A. in Environmental Studies with a minor in Classical Studies

Interests and Past Experience: Worked at the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratories; research and teaching assistant in the Environmental Studies Program.

Key Fellowship Initiatives: Taylor worked on organizing the Dartmouth Digital Library website; contributed to the scanning and quality assurance of items from the Dartmouth Photo Files; prepared additional Dartmouth films from the 1930s-1960s to add to our online library; worked on the Brut Chronicle; did troubleshooting for Dartmouth's new online journal, Elementa; prepared many e-books for uploading to our website and documented her procedure in a detailed workflow; researched and prepared reports on accessibility standards; helped prepare a new website for the Encyclopedia Arctica; and created a TEI markup of Winter Carnival: A Century of Dartmouth Posters.

Shaun Y. Akhtar

Shaun Akhtar '12, 2012-2013 Fellow

Education: B.A. in English and Astronomy

Interests and Past Experience: Student assistant in the Academic Skills Center, the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, the Collis Center for Student Involvement, and Tiltfactor Laboratory; editing positions at The Dartmouth, the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science, and the Lifelines literary and art journal (Dartmouth Medical School); member of Phi Tau Coeducational Fraternity.

Key Fellowship Initiatives: Shaun worked on a full-scale review of the online collections and web pages, investigated how our collections are represented in online search and discovery services, implemented Google Analytics throughout the Digital Library Program website, and contributed to documentation and revision of digital production workflows. 

Post-Fellowship Life: After his fellowship, Shaun moved to the Library's Cataloging and Metadata Services department as Cataloging and Metadata Specialist II. Shaun continues to work closely with Digital by Dartmouth Library, contributing his expertise in metadata as a key collaborator with the program.

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