Glossary of senders and recipients in the correspondence of Oliver Hazard Perry.

Each entry contains the person's relationship to Oliver Hazard Perry (OHP) and links to the manuscript numbers of relevant documents.

Anderson, Joseph Comptroller of the U. S. Treasury Department. Communicated with Elisabeth Perry’s lawyer, Richard Kidder Randolph, on the subject of annuities due her after OHP’s death. 18210806 (sender)

Anderson, S. Wrote to OHP to inform him of the state of articles furnished for the USS Java. 18160108 (sender)

BainbridgeWilliam 1774-1833. Commodore in the US Navy. Commanded the Constitution in the War of 1812 and the Independence as head of his squadron in the Second Barbary War. Made inquiries of OHP as to rewards OHP received for ships he captured. 18140607 (sender)

Barclay, John Relative of R. H. Barclay, the commander of the British naval forces in the War of 1812. 18131025 (recipient)

Barclay, R. H. Commander of the British Royal Navy forces in the War of 1812. Captured by OHP at the Battle of Lake Erie. 18131025 (sender), 18140308 (mention)

Barney, Joshua Commander of the US Schooner Rossie in the War of 1812. 18120906 (sender)

Bateman, Ephraim 1780-1829. Representative and senator from New Jersey; signed a commendation of OHP for his heroic actions in the War of 1812. 18140114 (sender)

Blodget, S. G. Lieutenant in the US Navy. Friend of OHP's. Died in the War of 1812. 18070326 (sender), 18111129 (mention)

Brent, Daniel A chief clerk of the Department of State who recorded OHP's payment for his special service to the government. 18190930 (sender)

Brooks, J. Adjutant-general of Massachusetts. His son, Lieutenant John Brooks, Jr., was killed under OHP's command in the Battle of Lake Erie. 18130913 (sender)

Campbell, Hugh Commodore in the US Navy; captain of the Adams in 1802 when Perry served on that ship as a midshipman. Friend of OHP. 18111129 (sender)

Chambers, John Aide de camp of General Harrison in the War of 1812. Fought alongside OHP. Assisted Alexander Slidell Mackenzie in the biography of OHP. 18390812 (sender)

Champlin, Christopher Grant b. 1768. Senator of Rhode Island (1809). OHP married Elizabeth Champlin Mason, also a member of the Champlin family. 18190924 (recipient)

Chauncey, Isaac Commodore in the US Navy; commander of naval forces on Lake Ontario in the War of 1812. Supposed quarrel between Chauncey and Perry because Chauncey would not send Perry resources. 18080115 (sender), 18090811 (mention), 18190528 (mention)

Cheves, Langdon Ninth Speaker of the House of Representatives; resided in Charleston, South Carolina. Wrote to OHP to request OHP's forgiveness of a subordinate who was the son of a prominent merchant. 18160205 (sender)

Citizens of Newport Citizens of Newport, Rhode Island, who wrote to Perry in July 1814 to request protection of their commerce from British forces. OHP's family home was in Newport and he spent his home life there when he was not at sea or on active duty. 18140723 (sender)

Clark, Walter Writes to OHP from Albany concerning a rifle he may have made for Captain Barclay. 18140308 (sender)

Claxton, Alexander c. 1790-1841. Naval captain, later commodore. Took command of the John Adams upon OHP's death. 18190604a (mention), 18190831 (recipient)

Coddington, William Town clerk of Newport, Rhode Island. 17610331 (sender)

Crowninshield, Benjamin William 1772-1851. Fifth Secretary of the Navy, 16 January 1815 to 30 September 1818. 18150204 (sender)

Elton, J. H. Lieutenant in the US Navy; commanded the brig Saranac, the construction of which Perry superintended while in command of the Java, and for which command OHP recommended him. 18141221 (sender)

Evans, Samuel Captain in the US Navy; commander of the US Frigate Chesapeake. Asked OHP for advice on how to recruit men to the Navy. 18121026 (sender)

Forrest, [F.] A naval officer who wished to serve under OHP's command in 1819. 18190529 (sender)

Gordon, Charles d. circa 1816. US Navy captain, commander of the USS Constellation during the Second Barbary War, the Mediterranean expedition under Commodore Chauncey. A close friend of OHP's who died on that expedition. 18xxxxxx_1 (sender)

Hamilton, Paul 1762-1816. US Secretary of the Navy, 15 May 1809 to 31 December 1812. 18100623 (sender), 18100331 (sender), 18090811 (sender), 18111026 (sender), 18101114 (sender), 18100512 (sender)

Hamilton, S. Lieutenant in the US Navy. 18140113 (recipient)

Handy, Charles O. OHP's personal secretary and chaplain; was with him on the Venezuela expedition. 18190924 (sender)

Handy, Frances A friend of Sarah Perry. Possibly related to Charles O. Handy, OHP's secretary and chaplain. 18191010 (sender)

Hare, Maurice Offered his services to Benjamin Hazard to promote the biography of OHP. 18191120 (sender)

Hazard, Benjamin 1770-1841. A lawyer who practiced in Newport, Rhode Island, and was sometime Speaker of the House in Rhode Island. A close friend of OHP and one of the first to learn of his death by yellow fever (by a letter from Daniel Turner). Also, a supporter of slavery and an anti-abolitionist. 18190828 (recipient), 18191204 (sender), 18191120 (recipient)

Heath, John Captain of the Marine Command aboard the USS Java, under OHP’s command. Clashed with OHP over issues of disrespect. OHP slapped John Heath and the two men later fought a duel (with no casualties). 18160319 (sender)

Herrick, Samuel 1779-1852. US Representative from Ohio. 18140113 (sender)

Hill, Rees Colonel in the U. S. Army. Served at Erie in the War of 1812. 18130511 (sender), 18130703 (sender), 18130703a (sender), 18130802 (sender), 18130807 (sender), 18130809 (sender), 18130810 (sender), 18130811 (sender)

Homans, Benjamin Clerk, Navy Department, early 1800s. 18190604 (sender)

Howard, Samuel Attorney of the American owners of the ship Diana. Wrote to OHP to ask him to escort Diana back to its home port after OHP had recovered it from a British privateer. 18100715 (sender)

Howell, J. B. Friend of Christopher R. Perry, OHP's father. 18140121 (sender)

Hunt, Theodore d. 1832. Captain in the US Navy; 1803 lieutenant on the USS Philadelphia in the First Barbary War in the Mediterranean. Wrote to OHP in 1810 from his command on the US Hornet to inform him he was to be a member of a court-martial. 18100215 (sender)

Inglis, George A British prisoner of war captured by the U.S. Navy. He served as second-in-command on the defeated British ship Detroit. He wrote to a U.S. officer for parole during the War of 1812. 18140114a (sender)

Irvine, Baptiste A Baltimore journalist sent by Secretary of State Adams to Venezuela in early 1818 as the "US Commissioner" to firmly request the return of US vessels that had been seized by Venezuelan privateers, and to report on the Venezuelan situation. Irvine did not succeed in obtaining the US ships and returned to the US in early 1819. He was directed to advise OHP on Venezuela when OHP was sent there on a diplomatic mission later in 1819 (with more success). 18190604 (mention), 18190606 (sender)

Jones, William 1760-1831. Fourth Secretary of the Navy, 19 January 1813 to 1 December 1814. 18140314 (sender), 18140525 (sender), 18140418 (sender), 18140706 (sender)

Kettell, J. V. Salesman of the American Watch Company; sold a watch to Oliver Hazard Perry, Jr. PH 18650707 (sender)

Lawrence, Samuel Landowner in Lowell, Massachusetts, with whom OHP Jr. took out a mortgage on OHP Jr.'s property. OHP Jr. then paid off that mortgage. 18480603 (recipient), 18520313 (sender)

Macdonough, Thomas Commander of USS Saratoga. 18140622 (sender)

MacPherson, Joseph Lieutenant in the US Navy; served under OHP on the Java. 18160108 (mention), 18160911 (sender) 18171112 (recipient)

Manning, J. A friend of OHP's who lived in Washington City. 18161016 (sender)

Marshall, D. Wrote to OHP to recommend a subordinate who had served as a secretary to the commanding officer of the Navy Yard. 18141205 (sender)

Middle, J. [Joseph Middleton] Sailing master of the USS Hornet. His lieutenant and OHP had a conflict and Middleton tried to resolve it. 18140616 (sender)

Morgan, Mordecai USS Nonsuch ship’s surgeon. Attended OHP at his death. 18190826 (sender)

Murray, Daniel A friend and old comrade of OHP's who served with him aboard the USS Essex in 1806. 18131120a (sender), 18400314 (sender)

New York Times A newspaper serving the New York City area. This collection contains a Times article on the British peerage, by an unknown author, from 25 July 1855. 18550725 (sender)

Nicholson, John B. [J. B.] A naval captain; accompanied OHP on the Venezuela expedition. Possibly the J. B. Nicholson who took command of the British ship Epervier as a lieutenant in the War of 1812; received a sword from the Virginia legislature for his service in the War of 1812 as a lieutenant. 18190604a (sender)

Nicholson, J. J. Captain in the US Navy; wished to serve under OHP's command on the Java. 18140706a (sender)

Ogden, Henry W. d. 1860. Officer in the US Navy. Present on the Venezuelan mission at OHP's death. Probably a lieutenant at the time (received commission as lieutenant 1817; commander, 1838). 18190831 (sender)

Owings, Thomas Deye. 1776-1853. Colonel of the 28th US Infantry. Attached his Kentucky regiment to Gen. Selby's army, which then became part of Gen. Harrison's army of the Northwest. 18xxxxxx_2 (sender)

Parsons, Usher 1788-1868. Naval surgeon's mate and later naval surgeon who served under OHP in the Battle of Lake Erie as the only surgeon able to work. Also served under OHP on the Java. 18150805 (sender)

Perry, Christopher Grant Son of OHP and Elizabeth Champlin Mason. 18391128 (sender); 18140126 (mention, son Grant)

Perry, Christopher Raymond Father of OHP. Captain in the US Navy. Commanded the USS General Greene in the blockade of Jacmel in 1799-1800. 18000313 (recipient), 18000313a (recipient), 18070816 (recipient), 18130528 (recipient), 18140121 (recipient)

Perry, Elisabeth Champlin Mason OHP’s wife. 18210814 (recipient), 18210806 (mention)

Perry, Matthew Calbraith Younger brother of OHP. Naval commander; first served under OHP on the Revenge.  Well-known in his own right as the first American naval commodore to make contact with Japan. 18140126 (recipient), 18190826 (recipient), 18390812 (recipient), 18391128 (recipient), 18400314 (recipient)

Perry, Oliver Hazard Commodore in the US Navy; hero of the War of 1812. All letters

Perry, Oliver Hazard, Jr. Son of OHP and Elizabeth Champlin Mason. 18480603 (sender), 18520313 (recipient), 18650707 (recipient)

Perry, Sarah 1768-1830. OHP's mother. Married to Christopher R. Perry. Mother of eight children, including OHP, the eldest. 18050916 (recipient), 18130528 (recipient), 18191010 (recipient), 18191204 (recipient)

Porter, John. Lieutenant in the US Navy, in command of US Brig Boxer. 18151205 (sender)

Ramsay, William W. Officer in the US Navy. Present on the Venezuelan mission at OHP's death. Lieutenant Commandant of the Porpoise in 1836. 18190831 (sender)

Randolph, Richard Kidder Lawyer in Newport, Rhode Island. Assisted Elisabeth Perry in receiving the annuities due her after OHP’s death. His daughter married OHP’s son. 18210806 (recipient)

Read, G. C. Lieutenant in the US Navy; commanded the brig Chippewa, the construction of which Perry superintended while in command of the Java, and for which command OHP recommended him. 18141212 (sender)

Reed, William 1776-1863. Representative from Massachusetts. Chair of the House of Representatives' committee on reforming the management of the Naval Department. Also a merchant and trustee of Dartmouth College. 18141117 (sender)

Ritchie, Robert Consul of the United States to Haiti from 1799-1800. 18000313 (sender), 18000313a (sender)

Rodgers, John Commodore in the US Navy; Captain of the John Adams in 1802 in the First Barbary War. Commodore who directed OHP to map the coasts of Rhode Island in the USS Revenge. 18100804 (sender), 18100804a (sender), 18110117 (sender), 18101222 (sender), 18110308 (sender)

Rodman, Sam Lieutenant in the US Navy; served in the War of 1812 under Joshua Barney. 18140614 (sender)

Salter, William D. 1765-1869. Officer in the US Navy. Present on the Venezuelan mission at OHP's death. 18190831 (sender)

Sarrachaga, Miguel Governor of Minorca, which was under Spanish rule. 18161211 (sender)

Selfridge, Thomas O. Drew a rendering of the 1812 engagements on Lake Erie. Wrote to OHP to apologize by calling him by the wrong middle name. 18131120 (sender)

Smith, Benjamin. The first lieutenant of the USS Chesapeake in 1807. A childhood friend of OHP who lived in Newport, RI. 18070320 (sender)

Smith, Robert 1757-1842. Second US Secretary of the Navy, 27 July 1801 to 7 March 1809. 18040423 (sender), 18070219 (sender), 18070706 (sender), 18080128 (sender), 18080509 (sender), 18070420 (sender)

Stewart, Walter Officer in the US Navy. Asked to serve with OHP on the Java. 18141214 (sender)

Stuart, Philip US Representative from Maryland; served in the War of 1812. 18140907 (sender)

Thompson, Smith 1768-1843. Sixth Secretary of the Navy, 1 January 1819 to 31 August 1823. 18190404 (sender), 18190528 (sender), 18190329 (sender), 18190528a (sender), 18190930 (mention)

Turner, Daniel Captain in the US Navy; commanded the USS Caledonia in the Battle of Lake Erie under OHP. Also sailed under OHP on the Java and the Nonsuch, on the Venezuelan mission during which Oliver Hazard Perry died with Daniel Turner by his side. 18190828 (sender)

Wheaton, Seth President of the Office of Discount and Deposit in Newport, Rhode Island. Sent Elisabeth Perry instructions on receiving the annuities due her after OHP’s death. 18210814 (sender)

Wood, E. D. Lieutenant-Colonel in the War of 1812, second-in-command of the Northwestern Army. 18130912 (sender)