Dartmouth Libraries has a new collaborative teaching and learning space - The LINK! Discover how one Dartmouth professor partnered with library specialists in The LINK to blend history and science while sparking new ideas and knowledge.


“After traveling just an hour West, we saw something dark on the horizon...and by aid of the glasses saw that it was 'the lost one'...We bundled her on the sled and brought her home, where she now sits, moping. Crawford tried to ascertain what her objective in leaving was and where she had been but to no avail” (page 39).

We're excited to share that work is underway to refresh and redesign the Dartmouth Libraries website. 

While the Home and About pages have had the most significant transformation thus far, you'll notice other web pages reflect the same typography, artwork, and stylistic updates. These design elements result from an intensive twelve-week project to update Dartmouth Libraries' Visual Identity. 

Questions like, who or what is the root cause of unfair or disadvantaged results? How do we mitigate the risks? Do we want to? Who holds the greatest responsibility: designers, programmers, business executives, politicians, or everyday people? Who benefits from the design of these technologies and the algorithms that feed them?