Records Management

The Records Management team offers online and in-person training for College offices and departments to ensure proper and consistent recordkeeping practices in compliance with College policies. Email Records Management to schedule a training.

What Is... Video Series

The What is... trainings are a series of short videos that outline the basic concepts of records management. This conceptual series aims to establish a base of understanding about Archives and Records Management before delving into the more detailed trainings on the specifics of recordkeeping and records management. We are addressing the issue of the lack of captioning for the videos.

Quick Reference 

 Guidance for commonly asked questions.

  • 5 Steps for Managing a Shared Drive (JPG)
  • Create a File Naming Convention (JPG)
  • Folder Structure Tips (JPG)
  • Best Practices for Departing Employees (JPG)
  • What is a Record? (JPG)
  • What is Records Management? (JPG)
  • What is the RMPC? (JPG)
  • The "A" in A&RM: Archives (JPG) 
  • Start with R.O.T. (JPG)

Email Management

Email can be overwhelming especially when there is no structure or organization, and no consistent deleting of messages from your account. To avoid email overload and ensure College records are accessible, consider the following Records Management best practices to manage your email.

  • Top 4 Best Practices for Email Management (JPG)
  • Email Organization Tips (JPG
  • Outlook Tips (JPG)


Email & Phone

Records Management


Records Management

Hinman Box 6218
Suite 105, 56 Etna Rd
Lebanon NH 03766

Our Staff

Peter Carini
Peter Carini
College Archivist and Records Manager
Vi Welker
Vi Welker
Records Analyst
Julia W. Logan
Julia W. Logan
Assistant Archivist for Acquisitions
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