April 29, 2024
Toben Traver works on his digitization project

Toben Traver Project Manager for the NEH-funded New Hampshire Digital Newspaper Project with Digital by Dartmouth Libraries

Two Centuries of American Life

Explore the dynamic interplay of historical moments and societal contradictions in an illuminating Library of Congress interview with our colleague Toben Traver, Project Manager for the NEH-funded New Hampshire Digital Newspaper Project. Toben reveals how project members meticulously selected papers spanning two centuries of American history, those papers' historical contexts, and the project team’s hope that by digitizing these multi-perspective papers, everyone will have access to a first draft of history.

From our vantage, it’s easy to think of history as predefined and knowable. However, in reading these papers, we were confronted with how alive and contested each documented moment was. In our daily work preparing microfilm for digitization and reviewing data from our vendors, we encountered the contradictions rife throughout American history.

Toben Traver
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