Strategic Objectives and Priorities

Strategic Objectives 

  • Partners in Research
    The Library partners with faculty, students, and staff in research activities locally, nationally and internationally. Our library experts are embedded at critical points in the research lifecycle providing collections, information resources, innovative tools and services to support scholarly inquiry. The Library is committed to partnering with faculty and students to enhance and showcase Dartmouth scholarly output and entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Co-Educators in Teaching and Learning
    In collaboration with faculty and other strategic partners, the Library provides immersive and transformative learning experiences by engaging in all aspects of the educational continuum, preparing students for a lifetime of learning and responsible leadership as informed global citizens. The Library proactively supports undergraduate, graduate, and professional student academic success through innovative educational programs. 
  • Inspiring Environments for Inspiring Ideas
    The Library is dedicated to creating a variety of welcoming and inspiring physical and digital environments. These environments, which our students, faculty and patrons inhabit, offer creative workspaces for individual and collaborative scholarly enquiry and aim to promote well-being as well as stimulate innovative thinking through user-centered design approaches.

Strategic Priorities 

  • Collaborate with faculty and key stakeholders to enhance and support new modes of scholarship, applied practice and research innovation at Dartmouth.
  • Lead on the development and use of tools and services for the creation, dissemination, discovery, and preservation of Dartmouth research and collections.
  • Partner with students, faculty and other strategic partners on curriculum design and teaching to enrich Dartmouth’s teacher/scholar model through the innovative use of library resources and expertise.
  • Connect students and faculty with resources at the point of need, anytime, anywhere through enhanced discovery tools.
  • Develop digital library environments for collaborative interaction that meet the needs of 21st century scholars.
  • Provide inspiring and inclusive learning environments and staff expertise, both centrally and in strategically located library hubs across campus.
  • Contribute to global scholarship through our unique collections, the Dartmouth Digital Library and Dartmouth Digital Learning Initiatives.
  • Empower library staff to engage in new roles to enrich Dartmouth’s teaching, learning and research initiatives.
  • Attract new philanthropic and grant funding in support of strategic priorities.