Changes have come to BorrowDirect

BorrowDirect, an expedited service that connects faculty, students, and staff to the collections of our Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation partners, is moving to a new technology platform. The new platform, ReShare Returnables, will provide the foundation for this service going forward.

Why are we changing?

ReShare is an open-source platform providing additional opportunities to customize the service to our changing needs. ReShare is owned and governed by a community of libraries and developers, promoting collaboration across libraries and institutions, and creating more opportunities for future functionality.

When is it happening?

This new service launched on December 13, 2022.

What Changes?

  • A new search interface will make it quicker and easier for you to discover and request materials from our partners.
  • A new request system will check availability in real-time and potentially get materials into your hands faster.
  • Requests that cannot be filled by BorrowDirect will automatically be routed to Interlibrary Loan, ultimately getting the materials to you without additional steps needed on your part.

What stays the same?

  • The loan period for borrowed materials remains 120 days.
  • BorrowDirect will continue to be the quickest option for obtaining materials not available at Dartmouth.

What do we need from you?

  • Continue placing your BorrowDirect requests as usual until the announced go-live date for ReShare. At that time, all new requests will be placed through ReShare, however, the current platform will be available until March 2023 to manage existing requests and to download your request history.
  • Help us clear up 'legacy' requests by returning any BorrowDirect materials you no longer need. This is not strictly necessary; your due dates will not change.
  • Export your request history if you will need it. See directions here or ask Resource Sharing staff for assistance. This history cannot be moved to the new platform, and after March will no longer be available.
  • Watch this page for more information!

Contact us with any questions!