Powered by questions, we spark discovery—within ourselves, our community, and our world.

The library should be known as the place where ideas can be incubated in collaboration and conversation with the expertise of librarians.

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Powered by questions, we spark discovery—within ourselves, our community, and our world.

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We aspire to be the intellectual home of open and collaborative enquiry, moving us towards a more just society.

Our Strategic Direction

Research Engine, Powering Knowledge articulates our values, purpose, and vision. We define research as comprising all forms of enquiry and creativity, powered by every question asked along the journey toward discovery and knowledge. It encompasses how we share our expertise to spark discovery for the Dartmouth community and beyond.

Students are coming into this college to learn and grow and develop as people and scholars. Without someone to guide you, you’re not going to know or be able to use the resources to their fullest extent.

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We strengthen our vibrant community by contributing our expertise to research, learning, and scholarship, and through a commitment to being welcoming and inclusive to individuals, identities, backgrounds, and groups that have been historically marginalized.


We foster an environment of continuous learning, creativity, innovation, and support for the creation of knowledge and scholarship. We welcome, encourage, and honor differing perspectives.


We act with respect, appreciation, and support for the professionalism and expertise of our colleagues. We work to develop Library collections, programs, and teams that are ever more inclusive and just for our community.


We are dedicated to service through our partnerships and our commitments to excellence, access, and expertise. We remain adaptable and focused on long-term sustainability of our work.


We choose to start from a place of trust and to build and maintain trust by acting with integrity, transparency, and authenticity in our collaborations, communications, and partnerships.


Dartmouth Libraries commit to diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging in all levels of our work. While learning from the past, we act to help shape a more just society now and for the future. Driven by our values - trust, respect, service, curiosity, and community - our commitment becomes manifest in our work through:

  • widening access to local and global research information to advance new knowledge creation and dissemination.
  • addressing collection and content gaps to better represent diverse voices and scholarship.
  • creating environments that strengthen belonging through individuals’ exploration, discovery, and respectful engagement with differing views.
  • critically examining and improving our legacy systems, professional tools, and processes.
  • producing and supporting research projects that explore Dartmouth’s history to understand changing perspectives on its responsibilities for fair treatment of its communities.

This commitment aligns with Dartmouth’s goal of valuing our diverse community’s unique contributions, experiences, and perspectives and is supported by Dartmouth Libraries’ Dean’s Council for Equity and Inclusion.

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