250th Celebration

In 2019, the Library will join Dartmouth in celebrating its 250th anniversary. We have several key projects, exhibits and events designed to capture Dartmouth's unique character, indelible spirit, and rich history.


Podcast: Hindsight is 20/19

Letter to Dr. Bancroft, 1921

Fears of homosexuality at Dartmouth cause the College’s 11th President to question the activities of a student theater troupe. Content warning: suicide and homophobia.

Piece of wood from Dartmouth history

Gifted by P. B. Tucker ’36, this splinter of wood from the goal post of a historic football game commemorates Dartmouth's first win against Yale in 51 years.

Dartmouth Charter Square

Our introductory episode in which we describe how a few words changed the course of Dartmouth's history.

Exhibits & Events

This woodcut depicts the liberal arts at the height of their expression in the late Middle Ages.

Reflect on the course of the liberal arts throughout Dartmouth's history.

Future Exhibits

Vital Engagement with the Liberal Arts
April 3 –  June 19, 2019

Enduring Fellowship
July 3 – September 18, 2019

Adventuresome Spirit
October 2 –  December 18, 2019