250th Celebration

In 2019, the Library will join Dartmouth in celebrating its 250th anniversary. We have several key projects, exhibits and events designed to capture Dartmouth's unique character, indelible spirit, and rich history.


Student Protests - Women's Issues

Historical Accountability Student Research Program

We're telling stories about inclusion and diversity from Dartmouth’s past.

Dartmouth’s 250th anniversary bookplate

250th Anniversary Bookplate Winner

See Saba Maheen's winning entry for Dartmouth’s 250th-anniversary bookplate competition.

Exhibits & Events

Repeating patches show a Dartmouth skier

Adventuresome Spirit

The individual adventures culminate here, at our college—a place for adventuresome spirits.

Students laughing and wearing Dartmouth gear, other photos of students from years past

Generations of Community

See how the concept of "community" has evolved throughout Dartmouth's history.

This woodcut depicts the liberal arts at the height of their expression in the late Middle Ages.

Curriculum Vitae: Digital Exhibition

Liberal Arts: at the center of Dartmouth's intellectual life.

Professor addresses students in large hall

On Solid Ground: Digital Exhibition

Can't travel to Hanover to visit our exhibit in Baker-Berry? See all the artifacts and more in our online experience!

Daniel Webster portrait

Limits to Power: Daniel Webster and the Dartmouth College Case

An exhibition tracing the landmark case Trustees of Dartmouth College vs. Woodward in celebration of its two hundredth anniversary. 

Podcast: Hindsight is 20/19

Map of New England from the Military Pocket Atlas

Episode 8: The Alternative Narrative

How the College created the narrative of its founding.

Play written by Dartmouth students in 1804 about Haitian revolutionaries

Episode 7: The World’s Troubles

The Haitian Revolution comes to Hanover.

Nineteenth Century Trolling

Episode 6: Nineteenth Century Trolling

An exploration of one of the College’s more lawless traditions

Letter to Dr. Bancroft, 1921

Episode 5: Sexuality and Silences

Fears of homosexuality at Dartmouth cause the College’s 11th President to question the activities of a student theater troupe. Content warning: suicide and homophobia.

William Dewey death text

Episode 4: Intrigued by Death

William Worthington Dewey just can't stop thinking about death.

Piece of wood from Dartmouth history

Episode 3: Finding Meaning in a Stick

Gifted by P. B. Tucker ’36, this splinter of wood from the goal post of a historic football game commemorates Dartmouth's first win against Yale in 51 years.

Catalogue of students and staff at Dartmouth in 1817

Episode 2: Butterfly Effect

How, in 1810, one woman's refusal to bow to a bully shaped the future of Dartmouth College.

Dartmouth Charter Square

Episode 1: Power of Word

Our introductory episode in which we describe how a few words changed the course of Dartmouth's history.

Part of a goalpost from a Dartmouth-Yale 1935 football game.

About the Podcast: Hindsight Is 20/19

Librarians share the stories behind 25 treasures—one per decade—from Dartmouth's history.