Borrow & Renew

Information on what you can borrow from the Dartmouth Library collection and all the items you also have access to from other libraries.


Most items may be renewed as many times as needed by signing into your Library Search account, via phone, email, or in person. (Exceptions include recalls, course reserves and non-print materials. These must be physically returned.)

    Memory Apata, music librarian looks at books

    Find books, journals, magazines, newspapers, audio and video, music scores, maps and more in the catalog.

    Person holds coffee over laptop

    Students, staff, and faculty can access most of our electronic resources off-campus.

    A GoPro camera

    We've got everything from chargers to a professional portable recording studio.

    Criterion Collection Covers

    Discover an extensive range of movies, television series, documentaries, educational programs, audio and more.