The Dartmouth library can help faculty, staff and students share their work in ways that engage diverse voices, encourage student contribution, and empower the Dartmouth community to build a more equitable and sustainable knowledge ecosystem.


Share scholarly research and other works. We can help faculty, staff and students understand the possibilities for publishing research and provide platforms for distributing scholarship


Understand laws for sharing and using works. We can help guide you through the general principles of copyright and intellectual property law and how they may apply to specific situations.

Educational Resources

Use and create class materials for students. Open textbooks and other open educational resources (OER) remove cost barriers to education and help professors tailor course materials to meet their needs.

About Us

Shawn Martin, Head of Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Publishing

Abigail Murdy, Scholarly Publishing Librarian

Email & Phone

Scholarly Communication Program


Scholarly Communication Program

Baker-Berry Library
25 North Main Street
Hanover, NH 03755 

Our Staff

Abigail G. Murdy profile image
Abigail G. Murdy
Scholarly Publishing Librarian
Shawn J. Martin
Shawn J. Martin
Head of Scholarly Communication, Copyright and Publishing
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