Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Publishing at the Dartmouth Library helps faculty, staff and students understand the possibilities for publishing research and provides platforms for distributing scholarship.

For Faculty

I have a book proposal/digital scholarship project that I would like to publish. How do I get started?

  • Dartmouth Library offers many services that can help you to create both digital and print publishing projects.
  • Please contact us to learn more about what services would be right for your project.

I would like to make an article I published more widely available, how can I do that?

I have to pay for publication in a journal. How can I get that covered?

  • Sometimes the library can help to cover charges called Article Processing Charges (APCs).
  • Please contact us for more information.

How else can Dartmouth help me share share my work?

In addition to consulting about the publishing possibilities that exist and the economic realities of using those platforms, the Dartmouth library also provides other services to help you distribute your scholarship including:

  • Dartmouth Digital Commons. A publishing platform and open archive for scholarly, research, and educational outputs of Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students
  • Open Access Publishing Fund. Allows members of the Dartmouth community to publish their work in open access journals requiring an article processing charge (APC)
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For Students

Can the library can also provide support for student publishing?

Many of the platforms used for distributing academic research can also be used for student work.

  • Active student journals can use Dartmouth Digital Commons as a hosting platform, or as a space to archive past issues.
  • Journals that are not currently active can upload past content to Dartmouth Digital Commons, where it will be permanently preserved and publicly available.
  • The library can host events and workshops for students interested in publishing.

I want to create a textbook for my class, can you help with that?