The driving goal of the Dean’s Council for Equity and Inclusion (DCEI) is to promote social justice within and through Dartmouth Library. We commit to embracing diverse perspectives and being attentive to power disparities, especially as they affect Library employees and the Dartmouth community. This requires actively and intentionally countering societal inequities and systems of oppression, including but not limited to racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, sexism, White supremacy, fatphobia, religious discrimination, xenophobia, and ableism. In counteracting those processes of marginalization, the DCEI commits to building an inclusive, equitable, welcoming, and just community. As education without action will be frustrating and action without education will be ineffective or harmful, the DCEI strives to combine the two.

The DCEI is an advising body that exists within the broader structures of the Library and Dartmouth as a whole and recognizes the diverse array of people and groups working towards change. We propose policies and programs to the Dean of Libraries and the Library Leadership Team. We support Dartmouth Library employees in making their work equitable and inclusive to people of all identities; we promote education and training for new and existing staff members. We examine physical spaces, collections, policies, and processes with an eye towards social justice. We facilitate conversations with library stakeholders and serve as a sounding board and ally for community members with ideas to improve the Library or to address current and past injustices. We advocate for positive change throughout the Library.

The DCEI’s work is integral to all units within the Dartmouth Library, and therefore needs members from throughout the organization. The specific membership cycles and commitments for each Library unit are detailed in the Membership Representation List. DCEI also welcomes any additional interested staff to serve as members.

News & Events

EDI Reading Group

The Dartmouth Library EDI Reading Group is open to all Dartmouth Library employees. Meetings are for one hour approximately every three weeks. For past topics and materials, see this list. For meeting details or more information about the group, contact Jill Baron, Stephen Krueger, or Caro Langenbucher.

Speaker Series

The Dean's Council Speaker Series had its first speaker on July 13th. Krista McCracken (they/them) presented to library staff on Trans and Gender Diverse Identities in Libraries. A recording of the session, the slides, and a document listing resources that were mentioned during the session are available through this link (accessible only to library staff).

Information about future speakers will be added here as it becomes available.

Working Groups

Culture and Practices

The Culture and Practices subgroup of the DCEI is intended to work on policy recommendations relating to issues of equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. The work of the subgroup is to understand where the Library and the College currently stand on these issues, and find ways to advocate for improvements. The group's work is aimed at finding concrete actions that the Library and library staff can take to ensure that we hire and retain a diverse set of people to work at the library. This work is necessary in order to push back against the tendency of most institutions to perpetuate systemic injustices (racism, sexism, classism, ableism and many more).


The Outreach subgroup communicates information about the DCEI's work inside and outside the library. It also supports other EDI-related outreach to Dartmouth Library patrons and employees.


The DCEI spaces subgroup is working to audit the Library’s physical and digital spaces, identify areas that could be improved, and make recommendations based on EDI considerations.

Special Projects: EDI History

This is a project to research the history of diversity initiatives in the Dartmouth Library using the records of Rauner Special Collections Library and consultation with other library staff. The project's main purpose is to take stock of the work towards diversity and inclusion that has been done previously, how that work was accomplished (e.g., self-started or institution-mandated), and (if possible) why former committees disbanded or suspended their EDI work.

Contact Us

If you would like to bring an issue relating to equity, diversity, or inclusion to our attention, please contact us through email or our anonymous feedback form.

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