Course Reserves Information for Faculty

This service is for faculty who wish to place course materials on reserve for their students.


Send us your course reserve reading lists. Please send either the completed Word or Excel form; we cannot accept paper submissions. Include both print and online materials (media requests require a different form*). If your course is canceled, please let us know as soon as possible.

Submit Forms and Ask Questions Here


There is a link to course reserves from within your Canvas course to view items on physical reserve and electronic books. From your Canvas course page, select "Library Reserves/Guides" from the navigation bar on the left, then choose  "Library Reserves" to connect directly.

Online readings, links to articles and scanned PDFs, are posted directly into Canvas by library staff.

List Guidelines

We put on reserve all copies of a requested title that the library owns; please specify if edition, translator, etc. have a bearing on which texts you wish to be available on reserve.

We must have complete citations for all materials being placed on reserve. Please fill in all fields.

Faculty must choose a loan period for materials. Baker-Berry Reserve Services has three loan periods for reserve reading: two, four and 24-hour. If you do not specify, we will put your material on a two-hour loan.

Plan for a six to eight week ordering process for new or additional copies of items. Contact your subject librarian in advance if you wish to order new items the library does not currently own.

Be selective when choosing material to be placed on reserve. Restrict reserve requests to required reading only. "Suggested readings" usually remain unused.

Books belonging to other institutions such as those borrowed through BorrowDirect or DartDoc cannot be placed on reserve. You can request portions of these books be scanned through your reserve list.

If requesting items to be posted online, determine if you need to fill out the copyright fair use section.

The library will not scan materials such as workbooks, course packs, significant portions of current editions of textbooks, etc. These materials are created and marketed primarily for use in the type of course being offered, and therefore are not covered by Fair Use exceptions to copyright law.

    Guaranteed List Processing

    You received a letter with the pre-term guaranteed course reserve deadline. Lists received by this deadline will be available on the first day of classes. Exceptions to the guarantee would be items that have to be ordered, recalled from borrowers or are missing. Course reserve reading lists submitted late, after pre-term deadlines, may not be processed in time for students to access at the start of term.

    We process course reserve lists in the order in which they are received.

    Once a list is completely processed, and materials ready for student use, we will alert you of any problems, changes, or missing items from your list.

    Personal Materials

    Your personal books may be placed on reserve, but we cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage. For circulation purposes, we must affix a non-removable barcode sticker to the back cover. Please write your complete name inside the front cover of the book.

    Student-authored work (papers or exams) need a completed personal material permission form. Such works will be scanned and posted online.

    At the end of each term, personal items that have been placed on reserve must be picked up at the Circulation desk. If the items have not been picked up by the start of the next term, they will be discarded or added to the library's collection, as reserve services does not have storage facilities for personal books and copies.