A listing of all scheduled activities for the Librarians Active Learning Institute (LALI). The schedule is may change slightly each time LALI is offered.


Day 1: Participants will form a community by getting acquainted and developing group norms. Next, they will explore the brain science of learning and the evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of active learning. 

Day 2: On day two participants will explore the expert/novice gap and consider various diagnostic methods for assessing students’ existing research competencies and habits. Participants will gain hands-on experience with a variety of active learning strategies that encourage students to assume authority and take responsibility for their learning. Participants will also utilize several reflection techniques, together exploring their application for library instruction, and will practice backward design methods.

Day 3: Participants will experience a class session taught by a Dartmouth special collections librarian, followed by an open discussion. Participants will select their practicum teaching scenario from a variety of options, some utilizing special collections materials and others utilizing interdisciplinary and subject-specific research tools. Participants, working in groups of two, then will design an active learning lesson that meets their scenario's learning objectives.

Day 4: During the fourth and final day, the groups will co-teach their sessions to their peers. The teaching practicum sessions will be followed by feedback and reflection.