Lockers are reserved for Dartmouth undergraduate and graduate students. Other Dartmouth affiliates may be considered depending on availability.

How to Apply

Complete the application below and submit it at Baker-Berry Circulation. If there are more applicants than lockers, seniors will have priority.


Lockers are available in the following locations:

  • Baker stacks level A
  • Baker stacks level B annex
  • Baker stacks level 5
  • Berry lower level
  • Berry level 4
  • Sherman Art Library (available to Art Department affiliates only)

The steel lockers have combination locks, whose combinations will be given out as lockers are assigned.

Cabinet lockers are reserved for students working on theses. They are in Berry Levels 3 and 4 along the north walls. Keys may be obtained at the Circulation Desk after submitting an application signed by the student’s instructor. The user must keep his/her key connected with its barcoded tag. Both key and tag are to be returned to the Circulation desk when vacating the locker. A replacement fee of $25.00 (see Lost Keys below) may be applied if the key cannot be properly checked in due to a missing barcode tag.

Locker Rules

  • All library materials MUST be checked out using the personal ID card of the locker holder.
  • Please use self-checkout machines to check out materials when the circulation desk is closed.
  • Remember to renew items, if necessary, even when stored in the locker.
  • The library staff retains the right to periodically inspect locker contents; any library materials found not properly checked out will be returned to the stacks and the borrower may forfeit the privilege of using a locker.
  • Personal belongings (except food and beverages) may be stored in the lockers. Food and beverages are not permitted in the Baker-Berry stacks at any time.
  • Occupancy and use of a locker does not supersede the library's policies on recalled items. In the event of a recalled item, borrowers are obligated to return it within the due date specified on the recall notice.

Lost Keys

A replacement charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) will be levied if one’s key is lost. Students must take the responsibility for having their keys when needed. Library staff will not open lockers by request in the event of a forgotten key.


Library Responsibility

Locker assignments are confidential. The library staff will not divulge your name, locker number, or combination. In the case of a forgotten combination, library staff will provide the combination only after checking your ID against the list of locker assignments. As noted above, the claim of a forgotten key for the cabinet lockers will not permit unlocking.