Borrowing Policies Details

Information by audience type on what you can borrow, which services you can use, fines and more.

Borrowing Materials

You need a Dartmouth ID or library card to check out material. Any users, regardless of their position at the College, will be refused the opportunity to check material out without ID. IDs and library cards are not transferable. Faculty members or APIs who would like to authorize a research assistant to borrow library materials may do so at any Circulation Desk.


Baker-Berry, Feldberg, Kresge, & Sherman Art Libraries Loan Policies 

Students 120 days unlimited items .10 overdue per day
Faculty 365 days unlimited items no overdue fines
Staff 120 days 100 items no overdue fines
Alumni 28 days 25 items .10 overdue per day
Guest borrower 28 days 25 items .10 overdue per day

Contact the Circulation Desks
Baker-Berry & Sherman: 603-646-2567;
Kresge: 603-646-3563;
Feldberg: 603-646-2191;

Biomedical Libraries Policies
Dana Circulation: 603-650-1658;
Matthews-Fuller Circulation: 603-650-7658;

Evans Map Room Policies

Jones Media Center Policies
Up to 5 media items (DVD, videos, CD-Roms, etc.) may be borrowed for a week with late fees accruing at $1 per item per day. Maximum of 5 items at a time, for 7 days. Materials must be returned or renewed before closing. Late fines accrue at $1 per item, per day. Equipment circulates for 3 days with late fines that accrue at $5 or $20 per item per day.

Paddock Library Policies

Rauner Special Collections


Most items may be renewed as many times as needed via phone, email, in person, or by signing into your account. (Exceptions include recalls, course reserves and non-print materials. These must be physically returned.)


    You may request a recall at any Circulation Desk. We will notify the current user, and once it has been returned we will send you a hold pick-up notice. Books are eligible for recall after 14 days, journals after one day.

    Items recalled by reserve services are due immediately. Resource sharing (BorrowDirect and DartDoc) items are due in five days. Failure to return items promptly may result in blocked privileges. Return items or we will charge you $1.00 per day, per item. Recalled items cannot be renewed. This is a year-round policy. To avoid overdue fines and/or blocked accounts return all items before you leave campus.