We are here to help you with your data and computationally-intensive research.

We know data.

We are a team of research data specialists here to help you make sense of data in an increasingly digital world. We can help you 

  • find 
  • compile 
  • prepare 
  • manage 
  • analyze 
  • store 
  • visualize 
  • and disseminate data 

for research projects and the classroom. Drawing on strong backgrounds in quantitative, qualitative, and computational research methods, we excel in our support for everything data-related!

We can help

We are here to help you with your data and computationally-intensive research.

Data is a resource. We can help you make the most of it!

  • Find and use 3rd party data
  • Collect and clean data
  • Organize and document your data
  • Select repositories and disseminate data
  • Review Data Management Plans (DMPs) for sponsored projects

We can help you turn your data into insights:

  • Work with textual, numeric, spatial data
  • Establish reproducible research workflows
  • Write publication-ready code in R, Python, and beyond
  • Create powerful visualizations that tell the story of your data

From individual case studies to Big Data, we can help you plan and produce data-driven research:

  • Plan computational projects
  • Work with collections as data
  • Tell stories with data and visualizations
  • Explore patterns in texts and data
  • Support Digital Humanities
  • Plan and integrate computational methods in your classrooms

We work with you

We offer a variety of opportunities to assist the Dartmouth community with data and computationally-intensive teaching, learning, and research, ranging from individual consultations to ongoing project assistance. We can also help you connect with the right people on- and off-campus using our network of partners.

An open book with a lit light bulb popping out of the pages
  • In-class visits
  • Session and assignment planning
  • Workshops (can be customized for groups or departments)
line drawing of two people talking each other on a laptop screen
  • Consultations
  • Thesis support
  • Project planning
  • Problem solving
line drawing of a magnifying glass analyzing a bar chart and a gear
  • Grant writing support for Data Management Plans
  • Data analyses
  • Code reviews

Upcoming Events

Doing more with Shell Scripting 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Introduction to R 11:00am - 12:00pm